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Vassar '16.

I read a few interesting articles today:

One of them had to do with the discrimination against Muslims in Europe. Honestly, reading about it made me so sad. I wish people would realize a couple of things… Firstly, you can only oppress a peaceful people so much before they resist and lash back; history has taught us a thing or two about how discrimination eventually works itself out: revolution (and in quite a few cases, not a peaceful one). Secondly, the double standard is ridiculous. Christians can wear their crosses, Orthodox Jews can wear their kippahs and have their curly sideburns going, and not-so-orthodox Jews can wear their David’s Star necklaces and bracelets. People are free to roam and display what they affiliate with. But once a hijab, burka, or beard is introduced, “No no no! Let’s not push your religion into people’s faces!” I agree with the sentiment that people shouldn’t go around parading their religious views so that the world can look at them and think, “Wow, what great faith they have!” The bible verse Facebook status updates annoy me as much as the next guy, but this is different - these people aren’t going around looking for compliments or good thoughts. It’s high time that Europe (as well as the U.S.) gets over the fact that a small group of extremists that affiliate with Islam attacked the Western world, especially when the white people making these legislative decisions would be baffled if they were ever discriminated against because of their own restrictive and judgmental organized religions. I can’t tell if this is a case of white privilege or not, but damn, it seems like it; if they knew what it felt like to be looked down upon everywhere they went…

The second thing I read was about how the UK has been funding the forced sterilization of low-income Indians. The doctors that “round up” the Indians in small, rural villages get added bonuses for each person they sterilize. Firstly, UK, I’m pretty damn sure you have more issues to worry about than what’s going on in India. They are no longer your colony, and the Eurozone is not doing so hot. How about you use that money to increase the living standards of the people within your own borders? Perhaps you can work on that aristocracy that I feel not too many people all thrilled about? I’m all for population control, but not in this way. What’s worse, people have died after getting sterilized because of poor practice. Sometimes I think Europe is way more fucked up than the U.S. ever was.

Finally, I read an article about how using the internet changes our brain. I thought it was going to be really informative and maybe interesting, but it wasn’t. However, there was an interesting fact within the article that I think is really neat to think about:

"The truth is that everything you do changes your brain. Everything. Every little thought or experience plays a role in the constant wiring and rewiring of your neural networks. So there is no escape." - Tom Stafford, BBC News

So, I will contemplate these things (especially the last bit, because only positive things can come from thinking about brain changes and daily life) and continue to look at the world with a classic condescending, what-the-fuck facial expression.

P.S. China and Russia are still fucking with the Security Council, but that’s hardly a surprise. I will reform the U.N., if it’s the last thing I do…